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Once upon a time there was a baby who was preparing himself to come to the world. The baby asked to Allah:

- I heard that you will send me to the world but I am too young and weak to cope with all difficulties in the world. How will I be able to live on there ?
- I have chosen an angel among all the other angels for you to take care of you. The angel will be waiting for you. The angel will protect you, will sing for you and always smile at you. In this way, you will feel affection of your angel and you will be happy.
- What if people say something to me ? I do not know their language. How will I understand their speaking ?
- Your angel will take good care of you. The angel will say the most beautiful words to you. Your angel will teach you how to speak in their language with patience.
- If I want to speak with you, what will I do ?
- Your angel will teach you how to pray.
- I heard that there are bad people in the world. Who will protect me from their harm ?
- Your angel will always protect you no matter how hard situation you are going through. Even your angel will sacrifice her own life for you if it is necessary.
- I am very sad because I will not be able to see you again.
- Your angel will always mention to you about me and will show you how to reach me again.
At that point, there was a silence and right away after that silence there is some sound which probably was coming from the world. The baby understood that is the time to go to the world. The baby asked the last question:
- If I am about to go now, please let me know what my angel name is ?
- It is not important what your angel name is. You will call your angel "Mother"...

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