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If Hope Finishes

There once was a man who was sentenced to life in prison. The man strove very hard to dig a tunnel which would allow him to break free and give him back his freedom. Right after he escaped from the tunnel which was made by him, the guards of the prison realized that there was a tunnel. They immediately began to follow him to catch and send back to the prison.The man knew that if he was caught by the guards, he would never be free again. For this reason, he ran as fast as he possibly could. The guards were very close and they were about to catch him when he found a train station. The man quickly went into one of the carriages and did not have the luxury to choose which one. The train began to move right after he was on board and the guards could not catch him as a result of this. The door closed immediately and locked from outside the carriage which means no one can open that door inside of the carriage. The train was an express freight train that it would not stop during the entire journey.

After the train left, he noticed that he was in a freezer car.(*) He has no chance to open the door and get out. He knew right then that he would never be able to survive by the time the train stopped. They found his dead body when the train stopped and the doors opened. They thought that how he could possibly die. In the carriage, there was even no such a tool to kill himself.

Even though the freezer car was not working..
(*) Freezer car is a container for keeping things frozen.
Thank you very much for your precious help Julie.

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