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Goodness and Badness

An American Indian Chief was sitting with his grandchild in front of his tent, watching a fight between his two dogs. One of his dogs is white, the other black. The grandchild, who is twelve years old, thought that these dogs had been fighting the same fight since he was born. The Chief was considering these dogs. He never let them go away from him. The grandchild started to think about why the two dogs were always there. It seems as if they only needed one dog to protect their tent from unwanted visitors, and besides that, why is one black and one white? He asked this question to his grandfather with much curiosity. The old Chief stroked his grandchild's back lovingly and smiled at him.

"They are a symbol for me", said the old Chief to his grandchild.

"Symbol for what?" asked the boy.

"Goodness and badness. They are representing these two states. Goodness and badness is always with us, inside us, and they fight each other continuously. I always think this situation while I am watching them, and this is why I keep them around me."

The young boy thought that if there is any kind of strife or fight, there must also be a winner. He asked a second question to his grandfather with these thoughts.

"What do you think about the winner? Who would win?" asked the grandchild to the Chief. The wise old Chief looked at his grandchild smiling deeply.

"Who will be the winner ? Is that the question that you want to know the answer of it ?" said the wise man and he added.

"Which one is nourished better than the other by me.."
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