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PostgreSQL 8.4.4 Data Types

Name Aliases Description
bigint int8 signed eight-byte integer
bigserial serial8 autoincrementing eight-byte integer
bit [ (n) ]   fixed-length bit string
bit varying [ (n) ] varbit variable-length bit string
boolean bool logical Boolean (true/false)
box   rectangular box on a plane
bytea   binary data ("byte array")
character varying [ (n) ] varchar [ (n) ] variable-length character string
character [ (n) ] char [ (n) ] fixed-length character string
cidr   IPv4 or IPv6 network address
circle   circle on a plane
date   calendar date (year, month, day)
double precision float8 double precision floating-point number (8 bytes)
inet   IPv4 or IPv6 host address
integer int, int4 signed four-byte integer
interval [ fields ] [ (p) ]   time span
line   infinite line on a plane
lseg   line segment on a plane
macaddr   MAC (Media Access Control) address
money   currency amount
numeric [ (p, s) ] decimal [ (p, s) ] exact numeric of selectable precision
path   geometric path on a plane
point   geometric point on a plane
polygon   closed geometric path on a plane
real float4 single precision floating-point number (4 bytes)
smallint int2 signed two-byte integer
serial serial4 autoincrementing four-byte integer
text   variable-length character string
time [ (p) ] [ without time zone ]   time of day (no time zone)
time [ (p) ] with time zone timetz time of day, including time zone
timestamp [ (p) ] [ without time zone ]   date and time (no time zone)
timestamp [ (p) ] with time zone timestamptz date and time, including time zone
tsquery   text search query
tsvector   text search document
txid_snapshot   user-level transaction ID snapshot
uuid   universally unique identifier
xml   XML data

This table of information has been taken from PostgreSQL 8.4.4 Documentation - Data Types

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