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A man was trying to speak to Allah.

A man whispered "speak to me" and a bird twittered in the branch of a tree, but the man did not hear it.

After that the same man called out loudly and said the same thing "speak to me" and there was a stroke of lightening, but the man did not hear it.

Then the man looked around himself and said "let me see you" and a star shone in the sky. The man did not notice the event that just happened in the sky.

The man called out loudly again and said "show me one miracle" and a baby was born somewhere in the world, but the man did not know that.

Finally, the man in helplessness said "touch me and let me understand that you are here" and then He glided towards him and touched him, but the man shook the butterfly from his shirt and walked away.
Thank you very much for your precious help Josslyn.

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