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Smile, smile to life. It might have always given you sadness and grief. It brought wild waves to you from the sea which you have never known, just smile.

In a very distant place, you may have gotten lightning from a furious cloud straight into your heart. Do not cry. Do not let yourself to get bitterness on your soul, smile during this twilight period. In this period even our dreams suffer in this eternity, you too, smile. An aged man, a body behind all memory that has been lived this life may be full of sorrow, may be full colorful like a rainbow, a soul which says Oof! A number of leaves sank into nostalgia and the grave of the spouse who has been taken all love; it is the love that it has never been worn-out over the years. Smile, smile to life. The reminiscences of the passed hours in every sunset and the mystery of the night that hosts all stars on the sky. Smile my beloved, smile to state of existence. A child who has clung to a candy in his/her hand and the timidity in his/her eyes, the struggle for being the owner of the candy. A footloose person, a shoulder bag on his back, staring at one point where the light of hope comes from, the person neither knowing the night nor distinguishing daytime, in all this person's struggle to earn a living.

Smile, let yourself smile to new horizon; To your old friends who might have given you sorrow or made your vision darken; To your friends who remained only a handful and whose hearts were chained; In a whirlwind which seems not to stop and its platonic wind, like a ghost in the endless dark, to your lover who falls into hopelessness.

Good-bye to the past, just smile.

A father, who has never fed himself enough and who tries to get a morsel of bread for his children from this dry soil and his tenderness to his children, his positive hopes about life. A girl full of excitement, her dreams which have never been lived, the dreams decorated with stars in the sky and in those dreams she lives in a palace like a queen. Come on, smile on your fantasy.

One day you will be wrapped up all in white, winding around you with red roses, on a horse which verges on red going to the world that it is under the rainbow with joy. Hello to this new life from the bottom of your heart which will trickle into that special full of secrets place in your heart. Good-bye to the son of a merciless person. Smile, smile to new life. The kind of life in which it is useless to be very sorry; The kind of life in which merciless people beg your forgiveness; Take the initiative and smile to new life. Smile, without have gotten any soot from any smoke and just smile. Welcome to this new life; Phosphorescence will make much more sparkling this new life, rainbow will make much more colorful, vastly large sea will give its blue transparency..

Smile, smile to a drop of happiness, come on smile.

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