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What do you hear ?

One day, a group of people went out for the lunch break in New York. One of the people in that group was an American Indian. This man said to their friends that he heard sound of a cricket. His friends thought that he couldn't possibly hear any sound like that because there was no plant for a cricket to stay in and make that sound and also the noise rising in that street. In that street people in hustle and bustle, were trying to reach somewhere in hurry, the hooter came from automobiles, loud noise came from the devices which were being used by road building workers.. Among all those sounds, he was able to hear the sound came from a cricket. His friends did not give him the benefit of the doubt and kept going on their way except one of them. They both went and search for the sound. The man who is an American Indian crossed the street. His friend followed him. He went a place where he found bunch of greenness between two buildings. He found a cricket in that bunch of greenness indeed.
His friend said to him "You should have some kind of supernatural power. How could you hear this and found it ?"
Then he said back to him "You do not have to have supernatural power to be able to hear this sound at all. Just follow me and let me give you an example about this."
They both went to pavement and he rolled a coin on the street among people. They saw that many people on the street looked at the coin if it was one of their's which might have dropped off from their pocket.
Thereupon the American Indian man turned towards his friend and said, "The point is, what you think is important to you in life. What you take as valuable and what matters to you the most. You will hear, see and feel everything accordingly."

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