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Little Girl

One day, a little  girl smiled at a stranger. He felt better because she smiled at him. He remembered back to when he didn't thank his friend for helping him. Immediately, he wrote a note to his friend, thanking him, and promptly sent it..

His friend was very happy to receive the note. When he went for lunch at the same place that he goes every day, he decided to give the waitress a very good tip. At first, she didn't want to accept such a generous tip, but he insisted, and she was very happy because of it.

The waitress was walking home and passed a poor man who stood on the same street corner every day. She gave him some of the money, because she was so happy to receive such a good tip.

The poor man was very glad when she gave him some of her money. He had not eaten for two days and he was very hungry. The poor man made his way to his broken down flat, when he saw a little puppy, trembling with cold. He scooped up the puppy and took him to the flat. The puppy was very happy because the poor man saved him from the dark and, he was safe and warm inside the small but warm room.

The building was smelling strongly of fumes sometime after midnight. The puppy was already smelling the fumes when the fire started. He started to bark-loudly. The poor man awoke, then went to wake up all the others in the building. Mothers and Fathers were able to save their children from the fire.

These are some of the results of only one simple smile, which does not cost anything.

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