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Debugging in .NET

Debugging is very important in every project we do in any platform. Writing code is not enough by itself because you can not finish a project in one go. Even if you do, later you can experience a different kind of bottlenecks, complains from users who use the application you had written. In course of time, you can have problems which you had not thought about in the beginning.

This is the time when debugging comes to stage if you do not have any other better solution. When you use Visual Studio, you can set break point and wait for it to be hit and go step by step by pressing F11. This is ok but when I watched the screencast on debugging in .NET, I wanted to share this with those who might also interested in.

It gives some insight of different way of debugging, and very useful in my opinion.

The last word of this blog entry should be thanking to Carl Franklin and Tess Ferrandez who made this watching available.

Here is the link that you can watch the screencast.

Have a great day.

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