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It was one of the bloodiest days in war.. A soldier saw that one of his best friends have been falling down in blood. They were under fire and no one could have been possibly arising their head from the ground. The soldier asked for permission from his superior. The lieutenant did not let him go to to help to his friend who fell down in front of them a little time ago. The lieutenant said that you should not go there, even if you go, you will not be able to do anything for him any more. He must have died so far, said the lieutenant and added "It is worthless risk your own life."

The soldier insisted for the permission and finally the lieutenant let him go to help his friend. He had reached to his friend under severe gunfire. It was unbelievable moment. He took his wounded friend on his back and started to run back to his shelter. They rolled up into their shelter together. The lieutenant started to examine the soldier who was wounded severely. He turned to the other soldier and said that "I told you, it was worthless. He had already died."

No, it was worthwhile enough said the soldier to the lieutenant. How, asked the lieutenant, to the soldier. Can't you see that this man had died before you carried him here ?

The soldier repeated again and replied. It was worthwhile enough, sir. Because when I was there with him, he was still alive. It was the most precious time for me to hear his last words. He repeated his friend's last words while crying.
"I knew my friend. I knew that you would come.."

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