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Depth Of Lovingness

Once upon a time a question was asked to a wise man.
"What is the difference between those who mention of love and who live it throughly ?"
Wise man said, "Let me show you what is the difference between those who live it throughly and who just mention about it."
Firstly, he invited some people and give them a meal. These were the people who had not been able to imbibed the meaning of love but it was walking around in their speeches. All of them sat down for the meal. Afterwards, bowl of soups came to table with the spoons. The spoons were a little bit different than normally used spoons in daily life. They were approximately 1 metre length. The wise man made a rule contingent on eating this meal. The rule was, everyone in that table, had to eat their soup with these spoons. It was a thing apparently no one could possibly achieve this. They tried to eat the soups with these spoons but they could not eat without spilling it. After some trying, they all gave up and stood up without being satisfied.
"Now, we can invite the other group of people who live love throughly instead of just saying it", said the wise man. People with shining face and similing eyes came and sat down to eat. When they hear the word "Please, help yourself and eat" they all started to eat. These people were eating differently than the previous group of people. Each one of them was extending their spoon to the person, who was sitting opposite side of themselves, and they were feeding each other. All of them finished their food and they all left the table with satisfaction. After this, the wise man said "Who sees himself/herself alone on the table of reality and tries to feed only himself/herself, that person will remain hungry. Who thinks of his/her brother and sister and feeds them, than the person will be fed by his/her brother or sister for sure. In addition, do not forget that in the market of real life always the person is lucrative who gives instead of taking."
The death is more universal than the life. Everybody dies but everybody can not live.

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