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The Dream

This story is about a young man who lives with his family. His father was working as a stableman. Their lives passed between farms and horse racing. The young man was often changing his school because of his father's job.

One day, in school, the teacher had wanted to students to write about what they would want to be and what they would want to do in the future. It was homework. The young man had stayed awake all night to do it. He thought about all of the details of his dream. He wanted to have a horse farm. He wrote seven pages about his dream with every detail. Moreover, he drew his future farms' sketch. He showed every building, barn and racetrack in the sketch. He also added the house that he would live in. He described this house like he saw he was already living there.

The next day, he gave his homework to his teacher. The homework was showing completely what he has been thinking and feeling. The young man received the homework two days later. He saw a note on it. He received a zero, and there was a note written by the teacher: "Stop by my office after class", is what it said as a warning with red ink.

The young man asked his teacher with astonishment, "Why did I receive a zero on my homework?" The teacher replied, "This story could never come true. You're a dreamer.  If we think about your age and your financial standing, it's completely untrue.  You don't have money for this. You come from a poor family. It is necessary to have much money to find this kind of farm. First of all, you have to buy land. You also need to buy horses. It's impossible for you to be successful in fulfilling all of these things. If you re-do your homework, more logically, then I will look at it over again."

The young man returned to his home. He was thinking about his teachers words. He consulted his father on this matter.
-You should decide your own decision about this subject, said his father to his son and he added, "This decision will be quite important for your future."

The young man thought about all of these things for one week, and after that, he took his homework to the teacher, but there were not changes on the paper. He said, "Please don't change my assignments point of view. I will not change my ideas."

That young man is living in his house now, which is on the horse farm. The same farm from his dreams when he was younger. His homework, which he wrote as his future dreams, is hanging in a frame, above the fireplace in his home.

The most crucial thing about the story is this:
The teacher who gave him a zero for his homework, came to this farm with his students to camp there last summer. The teacher said to the owner of the farm who was his previous student, "I can say this to you now. I was a thief of people's dreams when I was your teacher. I stole many dreams from my students during that period of time. Luckily, you were very stubborn, and didn't give up on your dreams."

You should never give up on your dreams.
Have you ever taken a zero for your imagination?
Don't let anyone steal your dreams...

Again, many thanks to my friend who helped me with this writing's correcting.

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