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Posted on Monday, January 18, 2010 10:11:00 PM and it has been read 1790 times since then.

jQuery for Absolute Beginners Video Series

I was searching for a good resource to start getting an idea about this jQuery thing. I came across a web site I gave the link below. It has good video series for beginners.

Since jQuery is going to be included in Visual Studio 2010 and getting more and more attention each day, it is a good idea to get some knowledge about it.

I embedded this video from below web site. There are 14 more video series if you go to web site.

It is a good source for those who just began learning jQuery with zero knowledge. It is clean and easy to follow. Click on watching the video..

Have a great day.

UPDATE: 2015-04-27
Well the above link is not working any more. I gave a link below which is a result of search on youtube for absolute beginner video series for jquery.

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