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I Will Be Watching You

Hi again to everyone who reads these lines. I had received an e-mail from one of the e-mail groups that I was member of. I read the story and I liked it. I decided to translate it from Turkish into English as I usually do if I like it. :) Anyway, I did this translation with my little knowledge of English. I hope you can understand all of translation. If there is any question mark with the translation, e-mail me with the section of writing which is unclear to you. Anyway, thanks for reading.
They were encountered at the bus stop for the first time. One of them was studying about the medical science, the other one was studying about the architecture. They strove to be able to get on the same bus, at the same time from the same bus stop everyday, only for seeing each other again and again after their first encounters. They were young, very young... It took time for them to find enough courage to talk to each other but eventually they achieved it. Actually, they were not being lived the near place that they were getting in the bus. The young man had got on the bus at that morning because he had stayed for the night with one of his friends. The young girl had spent the night in her big sister's house...
They told each other this fact with laughing after sometime passing from their first meeting why they were using the same bus stop every morning which was the opposite site of the city they originally live. They got married right after they graduated from their school. They were happy, very happy. They sometimes had no money, sometimes jobless but they had very strong relation. They had clamped together. They didn't care any negativeness in their life. They were always happy no matter what situation they are already in. They were happy during they were suffering from lack of money and they were also happy while they were a successful doctor and an architect.
It was not kind of love they were having that in the course of time they lose their passionate of love. It was not kind of love that it was defeated by quantity of their bank accounts. It was not kind of love that they waste their entire life to earn more and more money for raising their bank accounts. They were getting much more closer and raising their love between them every minute passing. There was only one thing missing. A child. They could not have had a child. They had given medical treatment for long period of time to be able to have a child. It did not work out. After the medical treatment that they had, they said, "It is too selfish expecting to have all happiness in this life." and kept on to live their life.
They have been grown of their love instead of  rising a child. "I can die for you" was being told him by her and she was receiving the same words from her husband each time she says that. Sometimes, when she comes to home, she sees a note in front of the mirror that it was saying "Honey, look at the second shelf on the library." When she looked at there she was seeing another note that it was saying "Look at the table which is in the kitchen and don't forget how much I love you." While she was running from the table which was in the kitchen to cupboard which was in another room in their house with full of happiness and reading the notes, she was being found a bunch of flowers or chocolates that the most she likes or sometimes very expensive presents. Actually, it was not important at all what she receives as a gift from her husband.
They could always find time to spend together no matter how fast time goes on or how busy they are at their jobs but when they reach of their early forties age, they decided to spend much more time together than they already do and work less than before. The man quitted from his job in hospital and he continued his job in his private consulting room. The woman closed her architecture office and started to accept only special projects. They are able to be together much more than before any more. They saw a tumbledown house one day while they were taking a walk on the seafront. The old house was being sold. There was a signboard that was saying "For Sale".
"What do you think about the house? Can we buy that house ?" said the woman to her husband and continued. "We can get the house demolished. We can build a new one that much more beautiful than this. I already drew the project in my head. Let us build a big and beautiful house with a big terrace that we can invite sea gulls to our breakfast in the terrace." the woman said. "How can I possibly say no to anything if it comes from you ?" said her husband. "I will call the real estate agent as soon as I come back from the medical science conference which will be hold in America. I will buy it no matter how much it will cost to us. You can think of it is already belong to us."
They had hardly said good-bye to each other when the man went to the America for the conference. They already knew that they will have been separated from one another only for one week, although they hardly said good-bye to each other. They spoke always on the telephone. Each day and each hour. They hugged each other at the airport with big longing and tears when the man returned.
After passing couple of days, she felt something about her husband's strangeness. His behaviour was different than he has been before he went to America. He did not seem happy and he was keeping away from speaking with her. She reminded him the house which was at the seaside to be able to make him feel merry. She gave him the project which was drawn by her but she got completely unexpected response from her husband. He said, "Honey, that house too expensive for us and we can not afford it. You had better forget that house."

Unhappiness is too bitter for a person who always gets happiness from the life. Unhappiness makes life unbearable for the person who always lived joyously. She did not like this visitor at all. She begged of her husband to say to her that what is wrong. She said "I can die for you , you know that. I am begging you to tell me what is wrong." He did not even respond her. As if, the man that was loved by her for years went and changed suddenly with an insensitive and uncaring man. While she was trying to reach him, she was bumping the walls that surrounded around him. Her heart was bleeding more and more with every hitting to those walls.
She was talking with one of her friends. They have been sharing their opinions about many things to each other except their marriage life. They have been talking since from their childhood. They were good friends. One day, while she was speaking with her friends about the pain of her marriage life, her friend interrupted her speaking. "I can't stand it any more. I have to tell you something" she said to her. "He is cheating on you. He has lunch with a young woman in the restaurant everyday which is opposite side of my office. After they have lunch, they get on car very cordially."

She screamed at her. "Shut up right now." she said to her friend. "I do not want to hear these lies." she said. She blamed her long term friend to jealous of her. The next day she went to the place that her friend talked about where the restaurant is. She hid herself and started waiting. It didn't take much time to see her husband with another woman. She understood at once the tale of happiness she was having with her husband that was finished. She recognized the woman with whom her husband cheating on her with. She was the doctor that her husband and she was working at the same hospital during the time he was working at the hospital. She was a pediatrician. She sometimes was putting the pediatrician up in her house. She also saw that how her husband hugging her.
At that evening of the day, sometimes she screamed out at him, sometimes cried, sometimes embraced him, sometimes punched him and told everything with shouting at him when he came home. He did not refused what she said. He tried to say something about feelings and those can be change in the course of time. He did not expressed what exactly he was trying to say and later on he took his suitcase and left the house. While he was leaving the house he said "I would want to hug you for the last time" but she said "Get out of here" with hatred.
They divorced in the first trial. Nobody was not able to believe this kind of ending for their happily marriage. The woman tried to be remain standing with the support of her friends. She was learned that he moved to America with his lover. Sometimes, when she is alone, she feels that she still loves him. When she felt this way, she was crying and was praying to be able to hate him as much as she likes him.
It had been passed one year on their divorce. People usually say that time is the medicine of the every kind of pain or illness but the same time have not been cured her. She was still having the same pain inside her. One morning, she woke up with the ringing of the door bell which was ringing continuously. When she opened the door, she saw the young woman whom she saw with her husband in front of the restaurant approximately 1 year ago. She wanted to say to her "How can you dare to come here ?" but she could not say anything. "Please let me in, I really need to talk to you. It is very important." said the young woman.
She quickly sat on settee and started to speak in a really low voice. "Everything is not as like as seems to be. He learned about his incurable illness when he was at the conference in America last year that he had only one year lifetime. He was aware of your passionate love with him as the same way he had with you. He also knew that you would want to die with him. He asked me if I act like his lover in order to take you away from himself. He did not tell anything to anyone even to his parents." she continued.
"He spread a lie about us that we moved to America and started to live in there. Whereas, he rented a house opposite side of the bus stop where both of you met the first time. He had been believed that he would have cured but he could not. He got worse last night, the servant called me. I hardly caught him at the eleventh hour and he asked me if I can give you this box. Here it is for you."
She has already known that she will not be able to stop her tears. She just wanted to die at that place at that exact moment. She later brought her mind the box and opened it. There were many papers which are folded carefully.
"Honey, please read all of the papers sequentially", it was written in the first paper. She read one after another;
"I loved you more than anything.",
"I had never given up on you.",
"You were always saying that you could die for me and I knew you said all truth.",
"However, I did not want you to die for me.",
"Now, I want you to promise me",
"You will be alive for me any more, agree ?", she saw a key in the box while she was opening the last paper. These were the sentences which was written on the last paper.

"I had the house rebuilt according to your project which was at the shore that we had seen before I went to America. I will be watching you while you are having breakfast with seagulls in the big terrace of our house."

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