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An old carpenter was going to retire from his job soon. He talked to his boss about leaving job and spending much more time with his growing family more freely than before. Beyond question, he would miss the money he got at the end of each month, nevertheless he knew that he needed to get retire from his job.
The boss got upset about the news and asked for him for a last favour. The carpenter was a good one who has been working for him for many years. He wanted him to build the last and a good house like he has done throughout his career in that firm. The old carpenter agreed the request.
He started building the house. However, it was obvious that he was not doing the house with passion like he had done in the past. He was not paying attention what he was doing and also he was using poor quality material. Finally he finished the house which was jerry-built. It was not a good ending for his career by doing such a poor quality house.
When everything was done, the boss came home. The boss handed the house keys to the carpenter and said that he was giving the house to the carpenter as a gift.
The carpenter was surprised and at the same time he felt ashamed. He wished he could know that the house he was building was going to be his house. If he had known the fact, he would not have built the house the way he built it.
It is same for us. We all save our life day by day. Most of the time we pay attention what we do less than we really could do. Later on we understand that we will live in what we have done so far. If we had done it again, we would have done it differently but unfortunately there is no choice left for us to go and live same path. We simply can't go back.
You are the carpenter. Each day you drive a nail, boarding up or put up a wall. People says that someone said once "Life is a design which was created by ourselves"
Your today's behaviours and choices will make your tomorrow's home in which you will be living. If so, build it carefully.

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