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Precious Statements From Hz. Mevlana

Do not look at a person's talent, knowledgeableness or level of information about at anything! Does the person keep his/her word? Is the person true hearted? You must specifically look at this distinctiveness of that person. If that person fulfills the covenant which was contracted with Allah, keeping his/her words, true hearted, then extol the person as much as you want to! Enumerate all of his/her attributes which are good! He/she is the person who deserves more than your panegyric words and also who is more preeminent than you already realize he/she is.


Fame is a catastrophe; running after fame, striving for being well-known, is not befitting for human being.If you are searching for the truth, the pearl of love; you need to save yourself from appearance, diving into the sea, and going deep in diving! Otherwise, fame, showing-off is just some foam which being on the seashore.


Do not think you could be happy unless bad habit is not your guide! You are in woolgathering until morning, but life is short. I am afraid, it will be daytime when you wake up from this.


Seven advice from Hz. Mevlana;
Be like a flowing water when it comes to generosity,
Be like the sun when it comes to forgiveness,
Be like night when it comes to hiding others' mistakes,
Be like a dead person when it comes to rage and nervousness,
Be like soil when it comes to modesty and humility,
Be like sea when it comes to tolerance,
But whatever you are going to be; be either like the one who you seem to be or seem like the one who you really are..

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