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Just Do It

Thanks for your help Yvonne.
Once upon a time there was a competition of which competitors consist of frogs. Arriving one of the tallest towers' top point was the purpose of this competition. There were also many other frogs to watch the competition. The competition started. In fact, there were no one believing that any of the competitors could finish the race. They were all believed that none of the competitors could possibly reach at the top of the tower. They were saying that "Poor frogs, they will never ever possibly reach to end. They will all fail at last..."
After competition started and some time passed, frogs began to give up one by one. Some of them was giving up with the effect of what they hear from other frogs. The word "never" was being told continuously by the audiences which was influencing contesters' mood.

At last, all frogs who were participating in the race completely gave up from the competition, except one. The last frog, continued and with a big determination reached to the top of the tower. The others at first surprised with the result and wanted to know how he has succeeded. They approached the frog who won the race and asked how he was able to do what he did moreover how he was believed. It was the moment they all understood why the competition had been won by the frog when they realize that the frog was deaf.
Just do not hear who thinks negatively.
They are the thieves who stole hope from people's heart.
Do not let them to steal your hopes.

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