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Love and Beauty

I would like to thank you Rebecca for helping me about this translation.

A new young mother asked if she could see her new baby. They gave her a soft bundle. She opened the bundle to be able to see her baby's face. She was stunned when she saw that her baby had no ears. The doctor, who has been watching them, turned his back on them and started to watch outside through the window.

Later, it became clear that there was no lack of hearing ability but just the appearance that there was.

Many years passed, the baby grew up and started school. One day, he came home in tears and he threw himself in his mother's arms. This was the first time he experienced a negative reaction to his appearance. He said that someone bigger than he from his school called him a freak. He grew up and became adult with this negative physical appearance. He was loved by his friends. He was also a hard working student. He could have become president of his class either if he had spent some time with people. His mother always said to him that he should have spent more time with people instead of hiding himself from people. At the same time, she always felt compassion for her son. His father met with family doctor and asked if there was anything could be done for his son's problem. The doctor said that if a pair of ears could be found than he could perform and ear transplant. They waited for two years to find for someone who would give his/her ears for the transplant. No one could be found in that time until his father told his son that it was time to go to the hospital for the transplant. Finally someone gave his/her ears to him. But there was a contract that he would never be able to know who the person was who gave up his/her ears until he/she wanted to tell. His father, his mother and he went to the hospital all together. The operation went perfectly. He felt better with his new appearance and he started accomplish many things, in his school, in his social life. He got married and became a diplomat.

Many years passed and finally he went to his father and asked about the person who gave him his/her ears. He said that he wanted to know who the person was. He had not done anything for that person even though he thought he would not have been able to do anything. His father reminded him about the contract with that person and he told his son that he could not possibly know who the person was. At least not now... This secret was kept for many years.

One day the time finally came. The secret was about to come to light on a day which was the kind of darkest day he had ever had. They were waiting at the bedside of his mother. She died. His father bent down to his mother's head slowly. He reached out for her hair and pushed back her scarlet fever - brown hairs. He saw that his mother had no ears.

Your mother was always happy because she did not have to have her hair cut, his father said to him and continued, and no one ever thought that your mother was less beautiful than before, right ?  

Real beauty does not depend on physical appearance, but you can find it in peoples' hearts.

Real happiness is not in what you see, on the contrary what you cannot see.

Real love is not what you know has been done for you, on the contrary, it is the many things that have been done for you about which you do not know.

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  • Murat Yasar
    Murat Yasar | Reply
    Sunday, December 27, 2009 9:05:52 PM

    Who protects you everytime. We can never thank them enough.

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