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Dream Bazaar

There was an open bazaar. Once in a week, they were showing their goods in that bazaar. The place in which the bazaar establishes were always very crowded. You could not even see the ground when you try too. Housewives who saved some money, retired people who got their salary which can be received only once in three months, people who just wanted to walk around, all of them were going the open bazaar. They were going one counter to another for seeing what was being sold. There were hustle and bustle. Everybody was enthusiastic about buying and selling things. People usually were buying things whether it is necessary or not just because they were cheaper than other places. They were filling their basket with all kind of goods in case of necessity. In addition, the sellers were good at their job because they knew how to sell their products with a little bit exaggeration. They were trying to pull purchasers towards their stand by using some exaggerated expressions. For instance one of them was saying that with loudly, "Come here and see the good. Silk cloth, satin, chinese silk, damascus fabric...Come and see various kinds of cloth. Sew and put on yourself to look like Belkis." Another seller was shouting and trying to sell umbrellas by saying "Do not worry about the rain burst suddenly and buy one to protect yourself."
Later a man came to the center of the open bazaar. He was white bearded but not exactly white, look like old but you were not able to guess what age he could be. He was holding a package which was wrapped with a very swanky packing paper. The package was big. He put his package in the middle of the open bazaar. He was neither shouting for selling his package nor praising it. He was just standing there like a flagpole. People started gathering around the package. They were getting curious about the content of the package. The man who was the owner of that package kept saying "Only the one who buy the package can see the content of it."

There were some people who surprised by the answer, some got angry with the man. The did not understand what the man was selling. They were asking each other that "Could we buy that without knowing what it was ?" In spite of questions, they were getting more curious about the package.
Despite the curiosity coming from people around the package, the man kept saying "No touch, no glance inside of the package unless you pay and buy it." While a girl was opening her purse to buy this package, she was thinking about the package and imagining that there was something unique and nice inside the box. Suddenly she heard the voice from a man who was yelling and saying that he was buying the package. The girl consented to her luck and wanted to buy that package. As a result she started marking the package up. The man joined this competition and he also started to raise the price with his offer. While they were competing each other, the people around the package joined this crazy competition. Everybody was heightening the price and they were getting crazy getting the package. All of a sudden, a young man gave a great deal of money to the seller and pull the package. The tension rose suddenly among the people first and then disappointment came. Right after all those feelings people started to get curious about the package again. What could be in it ? They all started screaming while they were beating time and saying "Open it, open it" However the young man who pulled the package was trying to escape from the scene.
An unexpected thing happened while all these were going on and the seller throw the money toward the young man's face, took back his package from the young man and said that he gave up selling his package. First people murmured and said "What does it mean that I am not selling any more. It can't be." The man who gave all of his money said "You can't do this. We have been bargaining for hours here. I am not going anywhere without taking this package." The seller was not listening anyone. At the same time, he started to untie the package slowly. All people were looking at the package without breathing. The ribbon was untied completely by him and the packing paper was folded carefully. The big carton revealed and sunlight make it sparkle. There was not a sound to be heard. The man opened the box and reversed it.
Nothing dropped from the box. Inside of the box was showed to people by him. It was completely empty, nothing in it. Everyone started talking something different. Disappointment, anger, unhappiness.. Even though there were someone who wanted to blame and attack on him. The seller shoke himself free and screamed to crowd.
"Stop it. I came here to sell all of you dream. I came here to sell your dreams to all of you. Why are you searching your own dream in this empty box ? Raise your head and look at the sky.. Rain is yours. So is the sun. Clouds, stars, birds, bugs are all yours.. Look at the mirror.. Your past, present, future is there and all yours. Dreams can not fit in a box.. It can not be bought or sold by money.. Try to live as much as you can."
Those who did not understand what he said went another counter to buy something and those who understood what he said, he/she understood what they had to got from this sample.

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