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SMS and Phone Call Logs - Android Application

UPDATE: (15 th of April, 2019)

This app has been removed from Google Play Store due to their new security policies. I continue to use in my android phone and it is fully operational. The reason they removed my app from their store is that they only permit allowed application to handle sms and phone call operations in android devices. My app does not do any harmfull operation but I did not have find time to provide enough explanation this to Google Play team. Anyway, just want to let you know that this application was real and fully operational. In the future, if I have time, I will try to develeop similar app which meets Google Security expectations.


Hello again,

There is a new android phone application that I want to give you some information about. My intent in this blog entry is explaining this new app with screen captures that I took from it while it is running.

Below is the link that was generated by Google Play for my app.

I was thinking about that it would be nice if I see my previous sms messages either I sent or received on my phone. While thinking about this, I said to myself that I also would like to see incoming and outgoing phone calls. I usually clear my sms history and phone call history on my phone not for a special reason but just being accustomed to do it. Sometimes I need to see missed call number or incoming sms message which I have already deleted from the history. So, I decided to write an android application which will help me about my needs I just talked about.

This android phone application listens for incoming sms & phone calls and outgoing sms & phone calls. It writes the log into database when the listener detects any activity either it is an sms or phone call. I made the application supports Turkish and English languages.

After installing the application you have to launch it at least once. By doing this you will set the application ready for logging. If you never launch it after installation, you would not make the app work properly especially if your device runs on Marshmallow or later versions.

If your android phone runs on Marshmallow or later version, the app will ask for your permission when you launch it and will continue to ask until you give all the permission the app asks for. If your android phone runs on pre Marshmallow version then these permissions will be asked at installation time.

The permissions are;

- to send and view SMS messages

- to access your contacts

- to make and manage phone calls

- to access photo - media - and files on your device

In order this app to work correctly, we need all these permissions.

I will give you some screen captures in order that you will likely see after you launch the app. The first four screen captures will be seen if your device runs on Marshmallow or later version.


In order to write contact name into log, we need this permission.


In order to export logs as csv file, we need this permission.


In order to log incoming and outgoing phone calls, we need this permission.


In order to log incoming and outgoing sms messages, we need this permission.


This is the main screen of the app.


This is the screen where you will see sms logs and also export logs as csv file.


This is the screen where you will see phone logs and also export logs as csv file.


This is the screen where you will see setting change logs.


This is a settings screen where you can set logging behaviour.


From this screen, you can send me an e-mail about the app. Suggestion, complaint, and etc..


It is a about screen. You can read about the app in here.

It is all for now. I hope the app works well on your device. If you encounter with any problem, you can send me an e-mail from the app or write comment in this blog entry. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Have a great day.

UPDATE: June 20, 2016

I added a new feature into this app. This new feature lets you set a message content which you want to be sent automatically as sms message to the person who called you.

Basically if you enable Auto SMS option in settings, when a new incoming call happens, the app sends an sms to the person who call you at that moment whether you answer or reject the call. If you do not want the app to send an sms automatically, you need to disable Auto SMS option in settings page.

You can see sent sms messages in SMS LOG screen as well. If you set empty string as SMS message content then the app automatically send an sms with content says "I am busy now. I will call you back.". The only thing you need to specify is Auto SMS option. If you enable, an sms will be sent to the caller. If you disable it, no sms will be sent.

This option is disabled by default so that you need to enable by yourself in order to use this feature.

Below is the screen shots for this update.


Below is the screen where you set sms message content.


UPDATE: June 26, 2016

I added a new option at June 26, 2016. When we enable Auto SMS option in settings, we were sending sms reply for all incoming calls.

I thought, actually I see that it would be a little bit annoying even if we are answering the incoming call. So I decided to add one more option for sending automatic SMS reply.

When you update the application there is a new option, comes default true, for specifying send auto sms reply only for missed calls. If it is checked, auto sms reply will be sent to the caller only if it is a missed call. If it is not checked then auto sms reply will be sent to all incoming phone callers, of course if Auto SMS option is also enabled.


Above is the image that you can see it is set for only missed call.


Above is the image that you can see it is set for all incoming call.

Until new ideas, take care.

(In order to use this feature, you have to register.)

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