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Countries Android Mobile Application

Hello once again,

I am happy to announce that I published the second android application on Google Play Store.

Below is the link that was generated by Google Play for my app.

You can also search on Google Play by using "Country" or "Country City County" or "Murat Yaşar" keywords.

Let me tell you a little bit about this application. I was looking for a source on the internet about country information in this planet. Because I wanted to develop an android application which will be about Country - City - County information. Since I am still learning, writing android application, I thought that developing application teaches you better than just reading how to develop android application. Well, I try to apply this methodology as far as I can while learning new things. After reading a lot of blog posts and posts on stackoverflow, I decided to use data from They give you data in many different ways. I chose the most suitable one for myself and started writing this application.

The application will come to your device with a pre-populated database which contains Country - City - County information when you download it from play store. If you just want to see information in database you do not need any internet connection at all in order to use this application. There is an option that gives you opportunity to see place on google map. If you want to use this option first you need internet connection and also Google Play Services installed in your android device. If you want to read more about Google Play Services, please take a look at the following URLs.

I will describe how to use this application with screenshots.

You will see the below screen when you run the app.


While you are in the main screen, you can display dialog box which will give you some information about the app and you can send an e-mail to me by using Action Bar Menu Item. You see these options in the below image.


As you can see in the below image you can search for specific country, city or county just by writing inside search box. By doing this, you don't have to scroll all the way bottom of the list just for finding a country.


In the below image you see the details of the selected country in main screen. Also pay attention buttons at the bottom of the screen.


If you click a button labeled as "SHOW ON MAP" inside any of the detail screen, you will be able to see the location on google map. Below is the screen image which represents this behaviour.


If you have an android device on which Google Play Services not available then you will see the below screen.


Below is the screen where you will see cities for selected country in main screen.


You will see the below screen when you click on any item in the city list. This is a detail page of the selected city.


You can see the city on google map when you click the button labeled as "SHOW ON MAP".


Below is the screen you will see when you click button inside City Detail page. These are the counties for selected city.


Below is the detail page for selected county from counties list.


You will see below screen when you want to send an e-mail to me using this app.


You will see below screen when you open "About This App" dialog.


Below image is the launcher icon appearance of this app.


I tested my app as much as possible. Since I am not a good designer, sometimes you can see some layout inconsistencies. These are not a big problem but I will try to fix them if you encounter one and tell me about it.

For now, have a great day.


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