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Bamboo Tree

There is a really good example for constructive insistence. Chinese bamboo tree. Chinese people raise this tree with patience which will have been describing in the following lines.
First of all, they seed plant of the tree. They give it to water and fertilizer. Nothing happens in the first year after the seed planted.
They continue to give water and fertilizer to the seed. The seed does not sprout in the second year.
The next following 2 years same things occur which means the seed still do not sprout even though it gets necessary water and fertilizer.
Chinese people wait with great patience and give water and fertilizer to the seed in the fifth year.

Finally, sometime during the fifth year, the seed begin to turn green and then it reaches about 27 meters (90 feet) height such a small amount of time like in 6 weeks.
The first question comes up in peoples' mind is that; The bamboo tree reaches almost 27 meters in such a small amount of time. Does the bamboo tree reach that level in 6 weeks or in 5 years ?
The answer is certain. Without doubt, if it had not been taken water and fertilizer regularly during in those years, how you could have been possibly talked about any plant. Could you ?
May be is not as much easy as its sounds but necessities are always simple for success.
Make effort and spend some time to accomplish whatever you want to do. Endure during that time, be stronger and always believe in yourself that you will get whatever you want to. Do not give up never.

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