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Temple with one thousand mirrors in it

There was a temple with one thousand mirrors in it at the top of a mountain in India.
Some day in the past, a dog climbed to the mountain. It entered to the temple which has one thousand mirrors in it. When it passed to part of temple where mirrors stay, it saw one thousand dogs. It was scared and with fear it bristled its hair. It tucked its tail between its legs. It showed its teeth angrily with strange wheeze. The other one thousand dogs did exactly the same things. The dog ran away from the temple in great fear. Thereafter it thought always that the whole world consist of dangerous dogs.

Some time after this event, another dog climbed to the same mountain. It went to the same temple and entered the same room. It also faced with one thousand dogs. It felt happy and with this feeling wagged its tail. It jumped up and down joyfully. It invited them for playing game. This dog was thinking that the world is the place where full of friendly and compassionate dogs stay after it left the temple.

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