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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Obstacles In Our Ways
Once upon a time there was a king in a distant country. One day, the king had his men put a huge rock in the middle of the way which was leading to the palace. After putting the huge rock in the middle of the way, the king went to his palace and sat by the window, started to watch of the way. He was curious about the people's reaction.
The most rich people of the country, some more powerful merchants of the country, all of the attendants of the palace... All of them came and entered into palace one by one but they all walked around the huge rock. Some of them criticized the king about the situation. Some of them criticized the king with high voice and saying that "He receive such a big amount of taxation from his people but he is not even capable of keep clean the way." Neither of them had done anything to fix the situation.
At last, a villager seen on the way. He was carrying vegetables and fruits to the palace. He put his pannier down and started to push the rock out of the way. He tried very hard and strove for some time. Finally he was succeeded about pushing the rock out of the way. He was about to go on his way to the palace when he saw a purse. It must have been stayed under the rock. He opened it and saw it was full of gold coin and also there was a note from the king in it.  The note was saying that "These golden belong the person who push the rock away from the road."
The villager had learned really a big lesson from the issue which many of us do not aware of even today. "Every obstacle is a chance for us to improve our understanding. The thing is that how much we realize it."

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